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What are the ‘Greys’ ?

So who, or what are the ‘greys’ ?

For most of us the first time we saw what is commonly referred to as a ‘grey’ was in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. They appear humanoid, two arms, two legs but with an over-sized head and large, angular, … Read More

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What is the Oz Effect?

In UFO Reality (1983) author Jenny Randles described what she called the ‘Oz factor’ –

“sensation of being isolated, or transported from the real world into a different environmental framework. . . . I call this the ‘Oz Factor,’ after the fairytale land of Oz.”

While the term was initially … Read More

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Welcome to the Oz Effect

Welcome to the Oz Effect!

On here you’ll be able to find out news and information from all over the world about the weird, the paranormal and the bizarre.

If you have a story you’d like to share, send it in and we’ll look at posting it on here for … Read More

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