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The Fey Folk

For decades now the idea of elves is one associated to the work of JRR Tolkein and the Lord of the Rings and that of faeries more akin to Tinkerbell and small pixie-like creatures that benevolently help humans in need of aid.

The Famous Cottingley Fairies. Later proved to be a fake photo.

The Famous Cottingley Fairies. Later proved to be

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Toowoomba Ghost?

Near a known suicide spot, is this truly a ghost?

Near a known suicide spot, is this truly a ghost?

This is the terrifying image of a spectral figure captured by a man hiking in a remote suicide spot.

And the man who took the picture says he has felt ‘haunted” ever since he took the unnerving snap.

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UFO Mothership seen on Moon

A massive UFO “mothership” was photographed looming over the surface of the moon last month — a ship that appears to be 100 miles long — at least according to analysis of the images by a prominent UFO researcher, who took a long, hard look at a YouTube video that … Read More

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To some the humanoids known as the Reptilians are simply some sort of alien life form that has been visiting earth for an unknown time.

They’re often reported as being some sort of draconian overlord race that actually control the grey aliens. As we’ve said before the grey aliens are … Read More

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Oz Effect now on Stitcher!

If you use Stitcher for your podcasts, you can now find us on there!

Stitcher is a free app that you can use with your media devices.

Head on over to here to get the latest from The Oz Effect.


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Owls and Aliens

Owls have a long history with the paranormal. They are present in ancient mythology – the Greek Goddess Athena (or her Roman counterpart Minerva) had an owl as a  companion.

Native American spirituality has owls playing a prominent role as messengers of the dead.

But there are other aspects to … Read More

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Podcast Episode Four

This week on The Oz Effect:

We find out how aliens saved the world and stopped a nuclear war. A grandad gets knocked off his bike by a passing spaceship and we look into examples of the mysterious disappearances in National Parks around the world.

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Are plants intelligent?

For generations humans thought that animals had no ability to feel or think in ways that we do. They were simply biological machines there purely for us to eat, exploit, hunt or use however we wanted to with no moral restrictions.

Move to modern day and we find ourselves living … Read More

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Are there bases on the Moon?

In July of 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the Moon. After giving his famous ‘one small step’ line the radio transmission for the next two minutes there was a lot of crackling and popping as the signal deteriorated. It is believed that in part of … Read More

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Poltergeists are spirits that often cause objects to move around a house, make noise or even create a scent in a room.

The following video was taken in 2008. Aside from the dogs reactions, watch for the roll of paper towel on the table, as well as the door…

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