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Happy 2016!

Here it’s New Years Eve, so taking the time to wish you all the best for 2016.

Thanks for your support of The Oz Effect and we’re going to be back podcasting on Thursday 7th bigger and better than ever!

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Time Travellin’ Man

In 1950, a man with mutton chop sideburns and Victorian-era duds popped up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and then a minute later, he was hit by a car and killed.

Did Rudolph Fentz drop in to 1950 suddenly?

Did Rudolph Fentz drop in to 1950 suddenly?

The officials at the morgue searched his body … Read More

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Monk inside the statue

Researchers at a museum in the Netherlands were shocked to learn a certain Buddha statue’s secret: the 1,000-year-old mummified remains of a monk sitting inside it.

mummified man

“On the outside, it looks like a large statue of Buddha,” the Drents Museum stated in a release. “Scan research has shown that on … Read More

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Grey on a plane?

A Russian businesswoman has discovered a mysterious ‘ghost alien’ in a selfie she took on board a passenger jet.

Olesya Podkorytov from Kurgan in south-central Russia said at first she had not noticed the mysterious figure in her picture.

Pic shows: Olesya Podkorytova and the alien behind her. A Russian woman has posted an image where she claims she was photobpmbed by an alian. Olesya Podkorytov from the city of Kurgan in south-central Russia's Kurgan Oblast region said she had decided to take a selfie on the plane - and at first had not noticed the humanoid image a few seats behind. The young woman was on a business trip and said she was not sure why she suddenly decided to take a selfie as usually it was not something she was interested in. In fact she said it was only when she shared the snap online that she was flooded with comments alerting her to the 'alien'. She said: "I uploaded the picture on my social media page, and then all the questions and comments hit me. Only after that I realized there is a bizarre looking image of a creature behind my." The shape she said was humanoid and looked more like a large alien of the type normally shown in movies. There is also a ray of lights going through it’s head. There are no signs of eyes on the photo, just a "one-piece" dark green body. Some of the people suggested it is was not an alien, but a ghost. The size of the unknown passenger is rather large compared to the people who are seated next to it. Viktor Lunev, an expert from an aero-center commented on the bizarre photo saying: "Pilots and stewards are very superstitious and maybe there is a reason. "In my experience I have ever encountered anything of that kind. Maybe we could explain it with reference to some of the basic laws of physics." (ends)

It was only when she shared the image online that she … Read More

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An imaginary friend

IT was meant to be a sweet snapshot of Amanda Twiggs’ two-year-old chatting to her imaginary friend – but the result was far more sinister.

In the empty space the little girl had been talking to, the picture showed an ominous black blur, the ghost of an evil child.

Is this dark blur the spirit of a ghost child?


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Seasons Greetings

From the Oz Effect to you all and your families may you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years Eve. Here’s hoping your 2016 brings you what you wish!

I’d like to thank all those that have enjoyed the articles on here, and also those that have … Read More

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Black eyed ghost at Xmas party!

A pair of terrified teens spotted the demon after taking the snap at a pub.


Spooked pals Sophie Killip and Kayleigh Lomas, both 19, had met up for a festive get-together at the boozer.

But they were left horrified when the spectre appeared at one of the party tables in … Read More

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All the Yule Lads answer to Grýla, their mother. She predates the Yule Lads in Icelandic legend as the ogress who kidnaps, cooks, and eats children who don’t obey their parents.


She only became associated with Christmas in the 17th century, when she was assigned to be the mother of … Read More

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The Yule Lads

The Yule Lads, or Yulemen, are figures from Icelandic folklore who in modern times have become the Icelandic version of Santa Claus. Their number has varied throughout the ages, but currently they are considered to be thirteen. They put rewards or punishments into shoes placed by children in window sills … Read More

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Brompton Time Machine?

Ray Godson and Stephen Coates are both keen to get their hands on a key to the thick bronze door that shields the entrance to an imposing granite mausoleum in Brompton Cemetery in west London.

Could this be a Victorian-era time machine?

Could this be a Victorian-era time machine?

For Mr Godson, a replacement for the key … Read More

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