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The Jian Seng

A lot of illegal activity goes on in the world’s oceans, from illegal fishing to human trafficking. So, when mysterious ships of unknown origin turn up, they’re automatically suspicious. The Jian Seng is just one such ship.


She was spotted drifting into uncharted waters near Queensland, Australia in 2006. But … Read More

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Carroll A. Deering

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this article being about a person, but the Carroll A. Deering was actually a five masted commercial schooner that was built in 1919.


But in 1921 she was found run aground off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

The entire crew was missing.

On August 19, 1920, … Read More

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Poltergeists on video

Well we can’t verify that all of these are legit – some of them do make for fascinating viewing…

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Mantis Aliens

Mantis or Insectoid type aliens  have led the Abductee-Experiencer phenomenon from the beginning of our modern day awareness of it.


In reports that have been made by Abductees, it appears that within the  ET hierarchy they are most always described as overseeing or have a supervisory role in the abduction … Read More

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Oz Effect now on TuneIn!

Oz Effect are happy to let you know that the weekly Podcast is now available via the TuneIn app!

So listen to us online here or download the TuneIn app for Apple or Android and get yourself a dose of Paranormal goodness!


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Podcast Episode Twenty

Back for 2016! This weeks podcast looks at the latest news from around the world – UFO’s, Ghosts and Aliens – Oh my!

And our main topic is Predictions 2016! What are the psychics around the world thinking is going to be happening in 2016? Are aliens on the way, … Read More

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Westall UFO, 1966

In April it will be 50 years since the amazing events that occured in Westall, suburban Melbourne, Victoria.


It was a time when children as young as seven were confronted by men in sharp black suits and warned against talking, as emergency services and military swarmed the area.

This year … Read More

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Ancient Mobile Phone?

The object, unearthed during a dig in Austria, is allegedly a clay copy of a mobile phone with a Sumerian writing style known as cuneiform on the keys.

Hoax or real?

Hoax or real?

YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible reported: “What is it? Is it evidence of an advanced civilisation or time travel?”

The … Read More

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Spreaker, Audioboom & Mixcloud available!

The Oz Effect Podcast is now available at Spreaker Audioboom and Mixcloud internet based radio services.

So if you’re on the go, download their apps and enjoy The Oz Effect any way you like!

Thanks again for listening!

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Alien hand on Mars?

Sighted this week on  the Rover/NASA photos:


Could this be the ‘smoking gun’ that UFO fans are waiting for?

A NASA Rover has captured the claw of an actual, living alien on the surface of Mars – and the space agency made a botched attempt to cover it up.

At … Read More

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