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Podcast Episode Forty Two

This week we bring you news from around the world and in a huge episode we take a look at the supernatural of the amazing Victorian Era. Steampunk ghosts and seances abound!

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Fairies in Wales

Conjuring 2 Death!

Iowa MIB’s

Spooky smart App


Ketsa:  Wounds Read More

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Podcast Episode Forty One

This week we return to bring you news from around the world and we look in to the biggest conspiracy of them all. Just what is the New World Order and what are they doing to us all?



Clinton on UFO’s

South African UFO crash

Mark Zuckerberg a Read More

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Amityville House for sale!


The murder house that inspired the film “The Amityville Horror” is back on the market after just six years.

The owners of the New York property, one of whom died last year, are seeking $1.13 million for the five-bedroom estate.

However, despite the home attracting interest from those curious about … Read More

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No episode this week (apologies)

Hi all,

Had some unexpected issues this week, which means that I won’t be able to have an episode out in time for you to enjoy.

But fear not, we’ll be back as good as ever next week!

Thanks for your support!

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Podcast Episode Forty

This week we bring you news from around the world and for our big 4-0 we bring you a giant of an episode! We’re looking at reports and the evidence that giant people really did walk the earth!

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Bigfoot sightings

Italian man becomes French!

Stonehenge theoryRead More

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