Amityville House for sale!


The murder house that inspired the film “The Amityville Horror” is back on the market after just six years.

The owners of the New York property, one of whom died last year, are seeking $1.13 million for the five-bedroom estate.

However, despite the home attracting interest from those curious about the 1974 mass murder of the DeFeo family that took place at the manor, the sales listing makes no mention of the atrocities.

Ronald, the eldest son of the DeFeo family murdered his parents and four siblings as they slept in the home.

The crime led to a string of horror books and films based on supernatural events.

However it was the experiences of the Lutz family who stayed at the property in 1975 which led to “The Amityville Horror” book being published in 1977 and film adaptations in 1979 and again in 2005.

The Sun newspaper quotes reports from 1975 in which the Lutz family claimed putrid aromas filled the house, doors suddenly slammed and water would turn black during their stay.

One of the Lutz children also befriended a ghost called Josie who told her “you’ll live here forever”, the newspaper reports.

Caroline D’Antonio, the property’s sole owner following her husband’s death last year, is expected to make a loss selling the house for $1.13 million. She bought the house for around $1.27 million in 2010.

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