Are ghosts real ?

Ghosts are probably the most well known of any paranormal event and also probably the entry point for us as children into the world of the paranormal.

We grow up hearing of ghosts and their scary stories or hear what are told to us as true stories by friends and family as to experiences that they may have had.

Most of us know someone who may have had some sort of experience that involves some sort of ghostly apparition or event we attribute to a ghost. A feeling of a presence in our house, a perfume that wafts through from time to time, something moved at home from where it is usually placed, then moved again without ability to account it to someone living there.

But what are they? Ghosts, like many of the paranormal phenomena ghosts cannot be categorized in just one column. Some would appear to simply be echoes from a past time. People have reported seeing soldiers from the Civil War at battlefields in America, or Roman legionaires walking alongside a road in England or even simply a person in clothing from another time but when looked at again they have vanished in to thin air.

Some would appear to be people that have died and simply ‘lost their way’. They appear to have some recognition of people when interacted with but appear confused or disorientated before vanishing from sight or moving out of sight only to then vanish from a room that has no exits other than the one the witness walked in to. Others pose no threat in anyway but do not seem to have realized they have died, returning to the places they knew in real life.

While often a shock for someone to see ghosts seem to pose no real threat. The moving of items in a house is more subscribed to poltergeists and has a degree of malicious behaviour to it as opposed to simply correcting what the entity might think need to be moved.

There are people who have taken photos of ghosts and many of these photos are obviously faked. Others however, preclude this dismissal, sometimes showing a person in a photo of a  group of companions when all know that the person appearing in the photo died some time before (a number of war photos have shown this phenomena).

Newby Church. One of the more famous ghost photos. It is regarded as a fake, albeit unproven as one.

Newby Church. One of the more famous ghost photos. It is regarded as a fake, albeit unproven as one.

When people visit haunted sites they often come away with photos that contain glowing ‘orbs’ and these are often referred to as being spirits in the area. While this is a nice idea, the simple fact is that small flecks of dust in the air at the time a flash photo is taken can easily create this effect so any persons testimony that they are ghosts in the photo should be definitely taken with a grain of salt !

And so should so called EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings of apparently ghosts voices. People have a subconscious need to find patterns – in both visual and auditory experiences. A certain noise construed as a ‘yes‘ might simply have been a slight noise that someone heard and hoped was a word. Once told what it is, it is very easy for others to then suddenly hear it, as they now expect to hear the word. There are times when sudden temperature drops are recorded in areas believed to be haunted. People might feel a sudden chill and while they may not see anything, the fact that a thermometer clearly shows a sudden drop in temperature is clear evidence of at least something odd occurring (ghost or otherwise).

While ghosts may exist at this time we simply do not have the equipment to accurately and scientifically record their presence properly and in the same manner every time. This is not to say ghosts do not exist. People once believed germs were a fantasy until people made equipment that made it possible to detect them accurately and repeatedly. It is simply a case of having a lack in our ability in viewing them properly.

Ghost hunting shows make a lot of money on TV these days and always seem to find a spirit or hear something strange. Given that they have a vested financial interest in finding something spooky to entertain viewers, the veracity of what they find has to be brought in to question.

There are many areas around the world that are reputed to be haunted and going on a tour and visiting one can be an entertaining and fun time. If you are interested in doing so, have a look in your local area. Chances are you’ll find a place nearby that is thought to have its very own ghost or ghosts. You might even seen one for yourself…


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