Are there bases on the Moon?

In July of 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the Moon. After giving his famous ‘one small step’ line the radio transmission for the next two minutes there was a lot of crackling and popping as the signal deteriorated. It is believed that in part of this poor signal Armstrong can be heard saying that there are lights on a nearby crater rim.

NASA then asked for more information and the suddenly the transmission went dead for two minutes.

According to sources inside NASA though the transmissions were in fact blocked from the public hearing them. Additionally, ham radio operators listening in on the radio conversation are reported to have heard the following conversation:

Neil Armstrong: ‘What was it? What the hell was it? That’s all I want to know…’

Mission Control: ‘What’s there? … [garbled transmission] … Mission Control calling Apollo Eleven…’

Neil Armstrong: ‘These babies are huge, sir … enormous. Oh, God … you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge. They’re on the moon watching us…’

It is believed that Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 were then ordered to make no further mention of what they had seen.

Other reports have been made concerning there being artificial structures being on the moon. The so-called ‘dark side’ (the part that is not visible from earth) has been photographed many times by orbiting craft and conspiracy theorists believe the only photos we receive in the general public are doctored to hide these alien bases.

Recent photographs from China showing what appear to be some sort of artificial structure on the Moon

Recent photographs from China showing what appear to be some sort of artificial structure on the Moon



The theory goes that there is an ancient alien base on the moon – given the name Luna – but that the government has kept this knowledge hidden. Apparently it is around 3,500 years old and despite attempts to contact anyone or anything that may be living there no responses have been received.

Now there has also been speculation that the Nazi’s have had a base on the moon. These stories are largely based on the fact that the Third Reich and their rocket and jet technologies were so far more advanced than anything else in the world at the time. When the Russians and Americans finally started sending rockets in to space the technology was similar to that used decades before by the Nazis. therefore the Nazis must have gone in to space. It’s a specious argument but does make for some great b-grade movies.

No, it's not a documentary...

No, it’s not a documentary…

So are there bases on the moon? Given the large amount of apparent photographic evidence being put forward it would be hard to argue with – except for the fact that all the photos are blurry and hard to see detail in.

But the theory that the discovery of these bases during the lunar landing missions was the cause for the sudden cessation of humankind traveling to the moon makes you wonder..


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