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Jesus in an ultrasound?


Alex Mayer, whose baby is due in June, believes she saw a sign from God.

She claims the picture of her baby boy shows an image of Jesus on the cross.

She told WFIE: “We took a picture of it and blew it up on my phone to get a … Read More

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Exposing our Reptilian Overlords…

Good to know…

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Indigo Children


With the advent of the New Age movement has come a concept that gives new meaning to over-indulged children.

The term “indigo children” originated with parapsychologist and self-described psychic Nancy Ann Tappe, who developed the concept in the 1970s. Tappe published the book Understanding Your Life Through Color in … Read More

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Confused about the end of the world?

There’s so much media out there about what is going to happen this week with the end of the world.

This guy can really help you understand it. Fun Fact: The SR-71 Blackbird can actually fly around the moon. This I didn’t know.

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End of the world still on target

Well as you know we have the end of the world coming up around the 22nd of the month.

Until we all get destroyed by a massive flood, asteroid and/or both, we should always take the time to appreciate the little things.

Like this bright spark tells us.

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