Could you be related to aliens?

Nick Redfern is a highly prolific author of a myriad of aspects in the paranormal. From works on the Men in Black to Bigfoot to aliens.

His latest work Bloodline of the Gods looks at the possibilities that in our ancient past our genetics were deliberately altered by a far more advanced race.


In looking at this theory Redfern focuses on the small percentage of people in our world populations that have Rh negative blood.

A lot of the people who have reported alien abduction experiences have Rh negative blood. Rh Negative people often have extra vertebrae in their spine and their blood pressure is typically lower. They are often photosensitive and are unable tolerate high temperatures. They also have higher IQ’s on average.

But why would this have been done. Without giving too much away on the book, Redfern refers to the legendary ancient race, the Annunaki, who may have genetically altered a portion of humanity to create their own slave race.

This race was initially based on the Homo Erectus that was prevalent at the time. When altered genetically by the Annunaki they were set to be a servant race with the benefits of being able to adapt more effectively to the environment here on Earth. As the ‘class’ between the general population and the ruling Annunaki as time went on and the Annunaki removed themselves from public life the former servants now inherited the world left behind.

Redfern believes it is no coincidence that the English Royal family and many of the Presidents of the United States are Rh negative…

Nick’s book is now available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle here.



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