Gobleki Tepe

In the south east of Turkey lies the remains of an ancient city. Discovered in 1963 this ancient city is a ruin of ancient stone blocks and carvings that has had archaeologists examining them for decades.

The ruins of Gobleki Tepe, found in Turkey in 1963

The ruins of Gobleki Tepe, found in Turkey in 1963

This city is Gobleki Tepe and it represents one of the greatest finds in modern history.

Why is this so? Because accurate dating of the construction of the buildings puts the earliest dating (at this point) at over 9000BC!

This means that given what we’re currently told by historians, that such a place could not exist! 9000BC means that this city predates even the wheel, as well as pottery and metallurgy and also the invention of writing itself.

There are also questions raised as to how people of this apparent time period in history could have quarried the stone required. Pillars weighing up to 20 tons were moved to the city from a half-kilometre away. Like the blocks from the pyramids, historians are at a loss as to how to explain how a society in this time period could have achieved such a thing.

It is also important because historians believe that the site was a ritual one rather than a city where people lived. This indicates that the site has some sort of ritual significance. This is an important point because until now it is believed that agricultural societies were created and then structured religion came afterwards. But given the dating of Gobleki Tepe as being in existence before the time that agricultural communities existed it throws doubt on the existing paradigm of how we see human history.

As our technology improves and the dissemination of knowledge throughout the world becomes easier we are seeing more and more that the way we currently see the world is not how it actually was, or is. It would appear that we need to start looking at the fact that there were far more advanced communities in our history than we ever thought before…


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