Haunted Monte Carlo Homestead

A pregnant maid pushed from the balcony, a stable boy burned to death as he slept and a baby girl thrown down the stairs.

These are the sinister tales that the Ryan Family believe still haunt the hallways of Monte Cristo – a Victorian manor in Junee that is arguably the ‘most haunted house in Australia.’


Olive Ryan, who has lived in the eerie homestead for 50 years says¬†that she has felt the presence of the home’s original owners, Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley, who are believed to have haunted the house since their deaths in 1910 and 1933 respectively.

‘I’ve had my name called when I’ve been here by myself. It’s nothing to hear footsteps on the balcony and you go out and there’s no one there’ she says.

According to Ms Ryan, the peculiar happenings stared when her and her late husband moved in and  found the house was completely lit up, despite having no electricity connected to the home.

‘By the time we got up here every light went out’.

That is when Ms Ryan said she realised ‘there was something different about the place’.

Ms Ryan’s son Lawrence spent his formative years growing up in the eerie mansion and he said he knew from an early age that something wasn’t quite right about Monte Cristo.

‘It always felt like someone was watching me.’

He said there had been a series of accidents in the house that were too creepy to be coincidence.

‘Everything form a child being dropped down the staircase by the nanny who claimed it was pushed from her arms, to a maid that so-called committed suicide off the balcony who was pregnant to Mr Crawley.’

There are also reports of a young stable boy burning to death in his straw bed, a caretaker being shot dead in 1961 and tales of the housekeeper who tied his mentally unstable son in the outhouse for more than 30 years.

So is it truly haunted? Well you can find out for yourself! Tours are regularly conducted at the homestead, allowing you to experience the supernatual possibilities for yourself…

If you’re interested in visiting the homestead, have a look at their website

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