Is Bigfoot real?

So who or what is the creature commonly referred to as Bigfoot?

In America this being is also known as Sasquatch but the crypto-zoological being is not just exclusive to mainland America. In Australia they are called Yowies, and we have all heard of the famous Yeti of the Himalayas.

Varying in height from around 6′ (183cm) to well over 8′ (243cm) they are often described as having matted reddish colour hair and a distinct odour of mould or unwashed animal. Their limbs seem disproportionately long for their torsos. Their gait, in both the briefly captured film and in descriptions is described as being nothing like what a human would move, precluding the idea that it may  simply be someone in a suit pulling a prank.

There have been many reports of Bigfoot having glowing eyes that seem to flash in some sort of controlled sequence, lending many to speculate that they use this flashing light as some form of communication.

While there have been photos taken of Bigfoot and even the famous footage of the Patterson-Gimlin reel (see below) many people report that at the time they try and take a picture their batteries are all mysteriously completely flat. In other cases people have often described not seeing a Bigfoot until they have put away all surveillance equipment and then suddenly events will occur. It is as if they know they are being filmed and refuse to show until they know (in some way) that the area is not being recorded.

A frame from the legendary Patterson-Gimlin footage (1967)

A frame from the legendary Patterson-Gimlin footage (1967)

For many years people only believed that Bigfoot and his ilk were simply creatures that had yet to be discovered. The elusiveness of finding any real sort of evidence of their existence however has lead to further speculation on as to exactly what Bigfoot might be. Many now believe that the creature is actually a multi-dimensional entity of some sort, capable of transversing between planes. This easily explains how it is able to be seen and then simply vanish, leaving no tracks or indications as to where it has been. in some way and for some reason these creatures slip through to our world, spend time here then leave again as they wish. But like the theory that they are simply undiscovered, this dimensional idea has no proof.

Some have  even associated Bigfoot encounters  with UFO’s. This has caused some fringe elements within the paranormal community to try and tie all the phenomena we experience together in one jumbled mess and say that Bigfoot comes here on UFO’s, abducts people and work with the Grey Aliens.

Bigfoot has been described as a gentle kind peaceful being but also as a creature that has terrorized families on isolated farms. People claim to have seen one, or to have killed one and to have even lived with them in small communities.

Unlike any other paranormal phenomena Bigfoot seems to transcend many categories and they find themselves columned as being a myth, a legend, an alien and an unknown species.

So we continue to hunt for them in our isolated forests and remaining areas where humans are yet to habitate…



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