John Keel

Among paranormal writers and investigators few can claim to have the longevity of career and fame that John Keel (1930-2009) had. A respect that continues to this day.

Keel was responsible for bringing so many different aspects of the paranormal to the mainstream community and such was his talent that you may not even realise it.

Legendary paranormal author John Keel

Legendary paranormal author John Keel

Seen the Men in Black movies? He coined the term back in 1967. Enjoyed the scary paranormality of the Mothman Prophecies movie? Keel wrote the book (literally) on the events that the movie is based on.

His work covers all aspects of the paranormal, from the amazing stories of monks in Tibet to UFO’s and aliens to questioning how we perceive the universe around us. One of the most important aspects that Keel brought to his investigations was that he did not attempt to try and take what appeared to be one type of phenomena and put it all together. For example, a ghostly image being seen in a room may actually be a different type of phenomena than someone hearing things in their house or smelling odd scents. Both could be said to be ghostly hauntings certainly, but it does not necessarily mean the same causes created both types of events.

He was not without controversy or his detractors, many of whom were skeptical on the truth within his work. As time has past much of what he has written about also shows a certain outdated quality.

However there is no denying that the man is a legend within the paranormal community for good reason. Many have been inspired by his work to look into the paranormal world themselves and as a legacy this would n doubt please anyone.

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