Ley Lines

Ley Lines is an idea that was first postulated in 1921 by Alfred Watkins as an explanation for his belief that ancient societies had set their places of spiritual or social significance in direct lines between each other.

These places could be cairns, dolmens, mounds, towers, statues, standing stones, henges and other points of reference for the people living in the area.  So for example, an old cairn might be in a direct line to a barrow which was in a direct line through to a stone marker and so on.

The ‘line’ between the points of reference is what became known as they ‘ley lines’ – and over time this concept has evolved to have these lines to be considered as energy lines that connect spiritual places  in a complicated web across the land.

While the idea has been said to have no scientific merit to it, the fact that certain places are continually used by people as points to build places of spiritual significance cannot be denied. Many of the places around the world have religious buildings that are built on sites that had pre-Christian (or other) religious buildings or places held sacred.

Ley lines extend to all land masses all over the world – one of the more sacred places here in Australia would be Uluru. The great red rock in the centre of Australia has been held sacred by local aboriginal tribes for thousands of years. This along with other sacred sites around the country unite the island continent with the rest of the worlds land masses in a web of energy that connects the planet.

A map focusing on Australia and our Ley Lines.

A map focusing on Australia and our Ley Lines.

We can see in the above illustration how the lines run not only in a country but then connect to the rest of the world.

Do Ley Lines represent some sort of immeasurable energy that surrounds the earth? Why is it that so many sacred and spiritual sites are re-used by later spiritual groups for their buildings.

Like so many things we take for granted today it may be that as time progresses someone will find a way to measure this energy – and may be even harness it…

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  2. Meg says:

    I have been looking for a map of the ley lines in Australia I wonder could you point me in the right direction to buy one Thanks meg

  3. Kim Attard says:

    This has always fascinated me, What is the differences, in the blue, red, yellow and white lines?

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