Marilyn Monroe and UFOs

ufo marolyn monroe

So how does the amazing icon of cinema end up on a paranormal website?

Well the day before Marilyn’s death, she had threatened to hold a press conference and reveal something that would shock America, many people believed she would reveal her affair with the Kennedy brothers, or perhaps her knowledge of the governments connection with the mafia.

However some believed there was something more shocking……….they believed that Marilyn was about to reveal, that she knew the government recovered the wreckage of a crashed UFO and it’s crew.

And even more shocking was that she knew JFK had gone to see this wreckage, at a top secret air force base. One person who firmly believed the UFO conspiracy theory was Robert Slatzer, Robert claimed he was once married to Marilyn Monroe and said she told him that Robert Kennedy had told her, a UFO had crashed and the wreckage and bodies of spacemen had been recovered.

Although critics believe that Robert Slatzer was never married they cant prove they wasn’t either and there are intimate photo’s of the two together that have since surfaced.

In 1994 a CIA document surfaced, it was a wiretap transcript dated 3rd August 1962, the transcript subject was none other than Marilyn Monroe and the document contained information on Marilyn’s threat to expose all in a press conference, about the UFO wreckage and how JFK went to visit the wreckage. More bizarely at the bottom of the document you can clearly see ‘MJ12′ which is the group reportedly responsible for the cover-ipof UFO’S and In the top right hand cover of the document was the word ‘MoonDust’ which was a top secret programme to recover crashed foreign technology.

Experts have inspected this document and have said their is a high possibility that this document is authentic although they cant be 100 percent on that. We will never know the truth as in so many cases such as this one, they are so easily covered up but many believe this conspiracy theory could be the same reason that JFK was assassinated.


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