Min Min Lights

Reports of mysterious lights have been recorded all around the world and Australia is not excluded from such phenomena.

If far outback Queensland there is an isolated settlement called Min Min and it is here that reports have been made of the appearance of strange lights.

Reports among early European settlers go back as far as 1838, but it was the 1918 report by a local stockman in the Min Min area that the lights gained their common name. Lights such as these are also a part of aboriginal legends so may have been around for millenia.

Strange lights floating through the night in isolated areas are a phenomena of the Australian Outback

Strange lights floating through the night in isolated areas are a phenomena of the Australian Outback

The lights appear to be fuzzy shaped discs that hover in the air. They are often described as being white, though some accounts describe them as changing colour from white to red to green and back again. Some accounts describe them as being dim, others describe them as being bright enough to illuminate the ground under them and to cause nearby objects to throw clearly defined shadows

They sometimes slowly approach the observer but if they are approached they move away.

But what are they?

Aboriginal legends state the lights only began appearing after the white settlers began killing the local Aboriginies over land. The Min Min lights may be the spirits of those cruelly murdered through slaughter, disease or deliberate neglect.

An example of the lights is recounted in the following report:

Veteran researcher, Stan Seers, quotes an interesting account in his book “UFOs -the case for Scientific Myopia” given by a Mr. C. Rhodes. He was travelling the stock route between Winton and Boulia, with 2 other men.

On l0th February, 1951, they were camped about 2 miles west of the site of the old Min Min Hotel:
“At about 8.30 pm, we were about to turn into our swags. I glanced to the north and saw a strange light hovering in the sky. This was on open downs country, interlaced with small gidyea creeks, none of the trees being over fifteen feet in height.

“While we watched, the light glided swiftly and smoothly through about 40 degrees to the west in a matter of moments. It then jazzed up and down for a while before coming to rest. Every movement was extremely fast.

“I was puzzled at the pace it travelled, and thought it must be very close. You can image my surprise when it disappeared in the edges of a small cloud, which I estimated to be about 15 miles away. It could have been closer.

“It then reappeared at the bottom of the cloud; and simultaneously a second light appeared above the cloud. It moved west again but when it reached the edge of the cloud only one light was visible.

“We had been watching for about 10 seconds, yet I calculated it had moved at least 30 miles. There were no roads in that direction, and this light was up in the sky, hovering – it was large and bright – about twice the size and brilliance of Venus.” (source)

So the next time you’re out camping in the Australian Outback and you see soft white lights floating towards your campsite, now you know what you’re looking at. But I wouldn’t recommend touching them…

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