Nazca Astronaut

Among the many amazing Nazca Line drawings that can be found in Southern Peru is that of the now legendary Nazca Astronaut.


Unlike many of the other images that can be found in this region, the astronaut is distinctly different. It almost looks as if he has a helmet on his head, implying he is wearing some sort of space suit.

For those who believe that in our ancient past that aliens have visited earth, this art is seen as being some sort of recognition by the locals as what they may have seen.

But may disagree with this idea, citing that it’s not so much a man in a suit waving, in as much as it’s a fisherman holding up his catch!

Shadowing to define the actual Nazca art shows another explanation

Shadowing to define the actual Nazca art shows another explanation

Given that there appears to be documented evidence of some sort of trade between the Nazca and the people on the coast, fisherman showing up in Nazca art is plausible. It’s also well known that many of the figures portrayed in the Nazca Lines, like the spider and the monkey etc. are also represented in Nazcan pottery art.

The same would be true with the astro-fisherman, as there are a number of Nazcan pots depicting fishermen. Add to this that it has been pointed out that the skirt-like garment that the figure is wearing is probably the traditional celebration garment worn by fisherman back from a successful trip. Or, my theory, possibly a poncho, which is a traditional Peruvian clothing staple. With evidence pointing to a fisherman, it’s not farfetched to postulate (as some have above) that this perhaps served as a billboard to let passing traders know to “stop here” with fish. Or perhaps it was a sign to their gods to bless the fish trade on their behalf.

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