Owls and Aliens

Owls have a long history with the paranormal. They are present in ancient mythology – the Greek Goddess Athena (or her Roman counterpart Minerva) had an owl as a  companion.

Native American spirituality has owls playing a prominent role as messengers of the dead.

But there are other aspects to owls too. Some far more intimidating.

For fans of the 1990 TV cult hit Twin Peaks we can remember the Giant making the statement:

The owls are not what they seem

Scary looking guy - but he does give good advice

Scary looking guy – but he does give good advice

In the context of the show the owls represented differing spirits from both the black lodge and the white lodge. But in our world they may represent something far more sinister.

When people have seen therapists to deal with the stresses they are feeling associated with what they believe may have been an alien abduction they often find that there are surface memories. Their minds having undergone so much stress in trying to deal with an unacceptable event literally create a way to deal with it by having the person remember the occurrence in a far more benign way.

So while they may have seen a grey alien and interacted with it in some way, their minds create an overlaying image that allows them to cope with something completely outside their world outlook.

Incredibly this is often an owl.

When undergoing hypnosis and recollecting the events that occurred in missing time, abductees describe meeting a giant owl.

People recollect walking through a forest and encountering lights and seeing something then approaching a figure in the forest and then go on to describe an owl four or five feet tall! The owl will also be standing there on the ground as opposed to being in a tree.

People who see this type of phenomena seem to be under some form of emotional repression as they simply accept the high strangeness that is a giant owl.

These surface memories – often called ‘screen memories’ – may be generated by the persons mind, but it just may be that the aliens are implanting these memories into our minds to cover up what they are doing to us.

It is easy to see why this image is used though – taking a look at the face of the traditional grey and there is a similarity there that either our minds or the aliens are exploiting to cover up the trauma of the event.

FYI - this is NOT an owl.

FYI – this is NOT an owl.

Our minds are capable of doing amazing things. It’s also a lazy mechanism that often struggles with incorporating information that is wildly outside the known paradigms we use from day to day.

So if you’re travelling through the forest and see a giant owl. I highly recommend running the other way.




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