Remote Viewing

In recent years there has been a great deal of information released over the ability known as Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing became widely known in the 1990’s with the de-classification of US Government documents discussing the Stargate Project, where $20m had been spent on a research program to validate the ability of people claiming to be able to remote view.


In essence Remote Viewing is the ability to view places or give details about a place that you cannot access due to distance, time or some other form of shielding. This viewing does not necessarily mean they see in the common understanding of the word. It may be impressions, colours, as well as smells and textures.

The descriptions available of the this technique involve the remote viewer being given a set of co-ordinates and they then concentrate on these co-ordinates. As they record what they experience while viewing they obtain their imagery to report.

For obvious reasons such an ability would be of great interest to any government and it was why remote viewers received funding to not only train their skills but to ‘view’ potential threats to the US Government.

The most well known Remote Viewer was Ingo Swann (he passed away in 2013). Many of his stories are related in books, but Ingo also showed that remote viewing was not only confined to Earth.

In 1973 in an established testing format with other witnesses Ingo claimed to have remote viewed the planet Jupiter from close up. He described there being ring formation around the planet. While not really believed at the time this was later confirmed – in 1979 when the Voyager probe passed by the Red Giant!

Another remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle claimed that in 1979 he viewed an enormous submarine being built. At the time of his claims scientists dismissed them, saying it wasn’t possible for anyone to build a submarine that big. A year later in 1980 the first intelligence began coming through about the now legendary Russian Typhoon class submarines.

While it would seem that such information would be critically valuable, McMoneagle claims the program was shut down because too many people were concerned about being associated with a program that was using psychics, and the mockery that might come from such an association.

This is a credible point to make – we all know the ridicule that is often associated to paranormal phenomena. However such a claim is difficult to make given the fact that the Stargate Project started in 1978 – and finished in 1995.

It took them 17 years to realise they didn’t want to be working this way? Or may be the more public side of Remote Viewing was closed down and the government took the project further underground outside of prying eyes…

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