To some the humanoids known as the Reptilians are simply some sort of alien life form that has been visiting earth for an unknown time.

They’re often reported as being some sort of draconian overlord race that actually control the grey aliens. As we’ve said before the grey aliens are often thought to be some sort of biological robot – well the reptilians are their controllers.

They are generally described as being tall – taller than the grey aliens – and often around 6 feet in height, if not taller. Unlike the greys, reptilians have been reported wearing robes of varying descriptions.

A depiction of the aliens known as Reptilians.

A depiction of the aliens known as Reptilians.

Oddly Reptilians are not always associated with UFO’s. Whereas the greys are generally encountered with the appearance of some sort of space ship, Reptilians have been reported as being seen in deep under ground caverns and old mines too.

People who have been deep caving have reported seeing reptilian like humanoids stalking through the man made tunnels and the hollow caverns created naturally or by mining. Witnesses describe having moved off the main paths of their under ground expedition, finding themselves walking down heretofore unknown pathways and then being shocked seeing the slinking, stalking movements of reptilian creatures slipping through the barely lit tunnels.

But it’s when we start looking in to conspiracy theories and who is controlling us that things get really interesting.

Popularised by author and UFOlogist David Icke the theory is that Reptilians are certainly an alien race that is in control.

In control of us.

Icke and others believe that Reptilians are not only aliens but that they seek to control us through manipulating our governments and systems that we have in place that exercise control over our societies.

But how are they controlling us? By not only controlling those in power… but they ARE the people in control!

Bet you didn't realise that Obama was actually a world controlling Reptilian

Bet you didn’t realise that Obama was actually a world controlling Reptilian


Our world leaders, including American Presidents, and the Queen of England are actually reptilians in disguise, running to their own agenda and making sure that we’re nothing more than a slave race that is actually working to their needs, not our own.

How long have they been here?

Well conspiracists would argue Рthroughout all of human history. They do not see it as a casual mistake that so many of our ancient histories contain elements involving sentient reptiles. From the Sumerian and Babylonian mythos serpent beings were known to have secret and ancient knowledge. Chinese legends and the great dragons of their culture is another example, and we can also see in Native American and Mayan spirituality that serpents have hidden knowledge. And the most obvious example in modern understanding  would be the serpent in the tree in the Garden of Eden.

In each case a talking reptilian has knowledge that humanity does not. So are these strange beings from another planet? Or are they simply older than us and been living amongst us for millennia.

And just what are their plans for us?



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