Starchild Skull


Nine-hundred years ago, two beings died in an obscure mine tunnel in northwest Mexico. One buried the other, then she lay down beside the freshly turned earth and committed suicide.

In 1930 a teenage girl found their skeletons, one lying supine on the mine tunnel floor, the other only visible as a “mis-shapen” hand emerging from the grave to wrap around the exposed skeleton’s upper arm bone.

When the second skeleton was unearthed, it was found to be completely different to a normal human physique.

  • The skull is much lighter than a human skull but much more durable.
  • The wear on the teeth suggests it is a skull of someone much older than a child, although similarly small in stature.
  • Fibers and residue in the matrix of the bone remain unexplainable.

In addition to the 900-year-old skull being 30% larger than a normal human’s, the inner ear is also much larger. It suggests the skull is capable of hearing otherworldly, high frequency sounds.

During DNA testing, he concluded that the genes of this skull had 56 variations from that of a human’s. This is odd, as even monkeys only have 2.

A second-party lab in Vancouver concluded that the skull could be actually human, possibly related to early Native Americans. The only explanation they have for the increased head size is a rare disease called hydrocephalus, which causes similar swelling of the skull.

However, the symmetry of the bones in the skull are unlike that which occurs with this are disease.

So what is the starchild? A physically different human? Or something more…

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