The Akashic Chronicles

The term ‘Akashic’ was first coined in the 1800’s but it is only in recent decades that the term ‘Akashic Chronicles’ has come more in to the eye of the general public.

Akashic is a word derived from the sanskrit word ‘akasha‘ which means ‘sky’ or ‘space’. And within theology circles there is a believe that all thoughts, events, and emotions are held separately and coded within anther plane of existence, most commonly referred to as the astral plane.

Does humanity retain all knowledge external to our physical selves?

Does humanity retain all knowledge external to our physical selves?

In a crude way to explain it, effectively the Akashic Chronicles is like a spiritual early version of what we now call the Cloud. People can access it, however doing so requires a great deal of mental discipline – which is part of the reason for so many theological and esoteric groups having levels of initiation and training that leads them to attaining the ability to do so.

The concept infers that all knowledge that humanity has, be it something learned, something instinctual, even something felt emotively is not only experienced by the person, but is in some way transmitted to a place (or a greater consciousness) that humans can then access.

An example of a sublime ‘downloading’ of the information that is held in this way is often given as such: It takes many years for a human to make a certain achievement. Climbing Everest, running a four minute mile, sub-10 second 100m dash and so on. But once a person does it we find that in short order there are others doing it too. What was once front page news is now suddenly ‘Oh so what? Everyone’s doing that now.’

But what theosophists and esoteric groups seek is a more conscious access to the information held on the astral plane. They want to be able to look to the Chronicles and access whatever information they need. Bear in mind as much as we have available on the internet, the Akashic Chronicles contain the full experience of human history in all aspects.

Someone who could do that would indeed be an incredible human being…

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