The amazing mystery of Crop Circles

One of the more stunning mysteries that can be found around the world are the strange patterns known as Crop Circles.

Often stunningly beautiful in their ornate and intricate stylings crop circles have been appearing for decades on farm properties, particularly in the United Kingdom.

The symmetry of some Crop Circles patterns is truly amazing

The symmetry of some Crop Circles patterns is truly amazing

There have been people who admit to creating crop circles. Using a method involving a long length of wood, a GPS and some rope they have methods that allow them to create some of the more ornate patterns. some of these have hidden meanings in them.

The diagram on the right shows the meaning. Someone has created a symbol for the Pi

The diagram on the right shows the meaning. Someone has created a symbol for the Pi

See the picture above as an amazing example. The pattern was left in a field on the left and finally someone managed to work out what was being represented. – It is the mathematical number for Pi. This certainly puts aside the opinion that the Crop Circles are merely some sort of weather/environmental phenomena that occurs without any sort of person being involved in some way. This sort of pattern offers no evidence of the idea that some people hold to that Crop Circles are created by aliens, but it certainly shows that there is some sort of intelligence behind some of the Crop Circles we have seen.

But does the claims of a few people that they can create crop circles explain all of them? Certainly many of the circles have ornate patterns and people claim to have been the ones responsible for them, but many circles in the past have had a basic styling and pattern that makes one simple explanation less feasible.

There have been multiple witnesses in farm areas who have reported being in a field, walking out of it and feeling a strange ‘charged’ air in the night. Moments later a complex Crop Circle appears in the field they just left. How these patterns can be created in less than a minute or two is yet to be explained.

Evidence gathered later indicates that some sort of microwave energy must have been used to heat the bases of the stalks in the field to cause it to bend without breaking. Despite this evidence, people continue to believe that ALL Circles are created by people with a few simple pieces of equipment.

But how are they made so quickly? Regardless of what you are using to make them, it is doubtful you could do so in the brief minutes that witnesses describe these Circles occurring in. And the people reporting this have no reason to all stand together and offer exactly the same reports. Yet they do.

That said, it is sometimes difficult to get evidence of some of the more interesting Circles. Farmers who have experienced this phenomena dislike it for a few reasons. Firstly the farmers are unhappy that a crop has been damaged – this costs them money. Secondly, the resulting public interest of results in people carelessly trespassing on someone’s private property and finally, the people roaming over the private property carelessly cause further damage. So there have been reported cases of a Crop Circle where by the time people turn up the farmers have already mown the field flat to remove the item of interest and prevent further losses.

I do think many of the reported Crop Circles are created by people that enjoy creating a type of artwork in the fields. However given the eye witness reports of other people the belief that they are all created by humans would seem highly improbable.

Fascinating isn’t it?

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