The Men In Black

The infamous Men In Black. Who are these mysterious people who wear black suits and are closely associated to the UFO phenomenon?

No, not these guys

No, not these guys

Known colloquially as MIB’s, they’ve been made world famous to the general public in the trilogy of MIB movies where did the inspiration for the movies come from?

More like this...

More like this…

Reports of the MIB’s extend back to 1947 when the first reports began. People who have claimed to see UFO’s, sighted aliens or other extra-terrestrial sightings have come forward stating that after the event they were approached by men wearing dark  suits who advise in strong terms that they should forget about what they have seen. MIB’s have also strongly discouraged people from pursuing their investigations they may be undertaking on UFO’s.

There is no known evidence of whether these threats have ever been carried out. Those that have come forward appear to have never been harmed. That said, it is uncertain as to how many people  have genuinely encountered a MIB. If they do truly exist, no doubt there are people who do believe the threats and make no public statement commenting on what they may have experienced.

They are often described as being in an older fashioned style suit, albeit looking brand new. They wear hats and those seen with hair are described as it looking clearly like a wig. Their skin  seems unnaturally pale and almost fake in the complexion. Some have overly bright lips and in one report a women described how a MIB used a gloved hand to swipe his lips and smeared what then appeared to be lipstick.

There language patterns appear dated, like something from a 40’s gangster movie as opposed to current speech of the time. Their tone is usually monotonous, almost mechanical. They often travel in groups of three.

Most disconcerting for the possible witness to a UFO is that the MIB’s seem to know a great many details about the person and also about what they saw (regardless of whether they have discussed it with someone or not).

They intimidate with their extensive knowledge of the person and the event as well as veiled threats of ‘it would be a bad idea’ if the person was to continue looking into what may have occurred. Any items taken from the UFO site, including photos are asked to be, and often handed over.

As to what they really are the answers are mixed. Some believe them to be aliens themselves. Their mechanical physical actions and odd speech patterns give them a non human like appearance. They are masked physically to look like humans for their interactions with us, hence the odd skin, make-up and wigs.

Others believe them to be seem sort of trans-dimensional being that can come and go from here as they wish. The MIB’s often disappear very quickly from the front door once their visit is completed.

While there are many reports from the 40’s through to the 70’s it appears that in recent decades that the MIB have been appearing less – or people are reporting them less! However in 2012 a person was apparently visited by what they claimed were two MIB’s. What makes their claim impressive is that the person was at work at the time in a hotel lobby. And the CCTV in the lobby took footage of them.

Are these the real Men In Black?

Are these the real Men In Black?

Are they real people then? Working for some secret government agency that is hiding the reality of UFO’s on earth? Or are they really aliens attempting to keep their presence here a secret?

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