Many of us are familiar with the classic 60’s  show the Thunderbirds, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

The Thunderbirds that interest us here at the Oz Effect are the giant birds of Native American legend. In other parts of the world they have been called Rocs, but we’re using this name, because, hey it sounds better.

So what are we exactly talking about then?

These are, quite simply, giant birds. Not big like an eagle or a condor, but massively enormous birds that defy existence in our modern world outside of a Jurassic Park movie.
There are rumours of photos existing, but while many claim to have seen them, no one has yet produced a photo that would provide some strong evidence of the reality of these creatures.

Civil War soldiers purportedly with a Thunderbird they had killed.

Civil War soldiers purportedly with a Thunderbird they had killed.

They have been seen at night and at dusk, but most importantly, they have been seen during the day. While many people concede that they may have simply seen a large bird out of its natural environment some of the reports exhibit details that exceed even the largest of birds that we know of today.

This from Bob F. back in 2003:

I have been somewhat haunted since Sept/Oct 1995 when, while driving to work at approximately 6:15 a.m. on my tree-canopied country road (Deer Path Lane) in the town of Weston, Massachusetts, as I drove over the slightly ridged slope in the road toward Highland Street, I thought “a man in a hang glider” was about to smash into my car windshield. I abruptly stopped the car and to my absolute astonishment… it was a giant eagle-like bird with black eagle like wings and some white colors, with a head resembling that of an eagle! I can only describe the wingspan as large as an interstate highway road sign – at least 20 feet wide! And with a body the size of an adult human! From its enormous size, I would estimate its weight to be about 175-200 lbs. 

This creature majestically and effortlessly lumbered and floated up above my car softly and gently, moving it’s wings for lift of flight up through the middle of the roadway so it’s wings would not be obstructed by the tree canopy branches lining the confines of the roadway. I will NEVER forget what I saw! When I arrived at work at about 6:45 a.m., I called the town of Weston Police Department and reported my sighting. I called my wife and my parents to tell them what I had seen, and I also told everyone at work upon my arrival. I contacted the local Audubon Society and I purchased a “bird book” from the nearest shopping mall on my lunch break. NONE of the birds in the book come even close to what I saw.

While they now often carry the Native American name of Thunderbirds, large birds have been seen all over the world. Some people have described them as being like pterodactyls and others describe them as being feathered like modern birds, although just incredibly huge. They are seen in isolated areas, but also in urban areas as well. They appear suddenly and then vanish.

There are people that believe what we are seeing do actually exist, but that we are being given a glimpse through time and seeing something that once flew our skies in the ancient past.

Take the following tale:

I grew up in Pennsylvania and this incident happened to me and my family. One day, as the rest of the family was outside and my friend was in the bathroom or something, I had wandered into one of the many big rooms in the house.

I gazed out of a large window, to the big pine trees, when all of sudden an ENORMOUS bird/bat-like creature swooped low in the canopy and then veered out of sight. I couldn’t believe what I just saw!

In the few seconds that I got to study it, I noted it was a dark brown in color and had a huge wingspan, but the wings themselves looked very bat-like, as if skin was stretched between feathers (or bone?). And its head was huge… as big as one of their shaggy dog’s heads! But it had bright yellow talons curled beneath its body.

So it had to of been a hawk of some sort right? I don’t know exactly… but I know what I saw! Later that same day, I told my parents what I saw and they laughed it off, only to become believers themselves.

As we were taking our leave and driving away from the farm on their winding dirt driveway, something huge and brown crashed directly into the passenger-side window where my mom was sitting! She, my brother and I all shrieked and my dad stomped on the brakes. We only caught one more glimpse of it, though, as it hopped and rolled as if wounded on the ground and then jumped into the brush, out of sight.

It resembled a large, feathery, brown rat. I remember grinning and exclaiming, “You believe me now?!”

“Yeessss!” everyone else cried in unison.

“What the heck WAS that thing?” screamed my mother.

“It was just a big bird. An eagle perhaps,” insisted my father.

My brother and I shook our heads. “It looked like a giant bat with feathers!” said my brother. We gauged the creature’s body to be about three and a half feet in width and the wingspan of maybe 15 feet. It was HUGE. I’ve never seen anything like it and have never seen it since.

This was maybe in the late 1980s, so we didn’t have internet access, but we tried looking through our various encyclopedias, to no avail. My dad will still bring it up from time to time, whenever the current conversation turns toward the bizarre or unusual, so I know this wasn’t some delusion from an over-active childhood imagination.

So it would appear that the incidents are not isolated to just one witness. That two or more people may see these strange creatures adds to evidence that they are not just the figment of someone’s imagination or a mental delusion of some sort.

But for now, the mystery of the Thunderbirds remains…

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