What are the ‘Greys’ ?

So who, or what are the ‘greys’ ?

For most of us the first time we saw what is commonly referred to as a ‘grey’ was in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. They appear humanoid, two arms, two legs but with an over-sized head and large, angular, almond shaped eyes. Their thin necks seem incapable of holding their over-sized heads. Their thin necks seem incapable of holding their over-sized heads. They exhibit no body hair or apparent gender.

Friends or something far more sinister?

Friendly visitors or something far more sinister?

Reports have been made of benevolent encounters with Grey Aliens. Seemingly harmless figures that are associated to UFO sightings, they are often diminutive in stature and almost childlike in size. They appear to have an almost drone-like quality to their work. It is these smaller Greys that are believed to have been found in the 1947 crash at Roswell, New Mexico.

However there are the ones known as ‘Tall Greys’ and these creatures are far more malevolent. Physically similar in many ways to their smaller counterparts it is their greater height that physically distinguishes them. It is these taller thinner creatures that are often described by people who believe they have experienced some sort of alien abduction. They seem to have a greater status in their society and exhibit control over smaller greys. Abduction reports indicate that these Taller Greys are responsible for the traumatic and invasive physical procedures that witnesses describe. in a large number of reports abductees describe having small implants inserted under their skin, or more shocking surgeries.

There are those that believe that Greys are a race unto themselves. Some believe them to be a form of biological robot under some unknown control. Others believe them to be beings from a different dimension and some even think that they made me a future form of humanity that is time-travelling back to our era.

While no one can say for certain as to what they may be their prominence as most likely met being in an alien lifeform in UFO encounters means that the discussion continues…

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