What happened at Malstrom?

Malstrom Air Force base is in the state of Montana in the United States.

In the past this military base held Minuteman Missiles – these were nuclear equipped weapons. It was during the Cold War era and such weapons were an integral part of the defense system of the United States.

A Minuteman Missile at Malstrom Air Force Base, circa 1967

A Minuteman Missile at Malstrom Air Force Base, circa 1967


So why is this appearing on The Oz Effect website?

Because of the testimony of career military officers just last year stating of an incredible event at this Base. And what occurred is both stunning and shocking.

On March 16, 1967, as officers report, they were on duty monitoring the radar systems at Malstrom when their radar indicated unidentified objects flying in the area. What happened then is something that is of concern to us even today.

Every single nuclear tipped Minteman missile at the base was suddenly deactivated and now no longer online and available for use.

Nuclear missiles – with all their vaunted technology, fail safes and redundancies were all suddenly turned off and incapable of being used in defense of both the base and of their country.

How could this happen?

The officers at the base at the time and to this day, have no idea. If they had needed to launch the missiles during this time they would have been unable to comply with the order.

Shortly thereafter the unidentified craft disappeared from radar and the nuclear missiles came back online and available for use. What is concerning is that this happened again a week later.

Similar reports have occurred elsewhere in the world also.

So why is this coming out now?

We all know of the social stigma that occurs with people who come out publicly stating their paranormal experiences – oddly, I doubt any one reading this could not point to someone of their social circle that has in the past relayed some sort of experience.

These were men in positions of military authority, charged with the defense of their country. If they had spoken out at the time of these events there may have been courts martial, imprisonment and their careers destroyed. Yet now that they have retired they have decided to come forward and present the information in legally witnessed affidavits testifying to what they experienced back in the 1960’s with the sole concern that we need to be made aware that something, somewhere, has the ability to turn off our missiles remotely.

If there is something out there with the ability to remotely deactivate our missiles, what does it mean?

Are we being shown that our belief that nuclear weapons are a useless form of defense? There was no actual action taken by the objects appearing on radar other than being in restricted air space and they left shortly afterwards, which was when the nuclear systems came back online.

Or could it mean that when they return and decide to take some sort of drastic action, that we should submit to their demands as any weapon that we have would be useless in trying to save ourselves.

Give these events occurred over 40 years ago we can only wonder at what may have happened in the time since then. Have the currently armies and air forces around the world experienced similar events?

Or are they actually behind them?





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