What is the Oz Effect?

In UFO Reality (1983) author Jenny Randles described what she called the ‘Oz factor’ –

“sensation of being isolated, or transported from the real world into a different environmental framework. . . . I call this the ‘Oz Factor,’ after the fairytale land of Oz.”

While the term was initially used to describe a phenomena associated only with UFOs, the Oz Factor has been used to describe the effects people experience in other instances as well.

People have described how, when walking through a forest they suddenly move into an area where they feel strange, and then realize it is because all the natural noises one would hear – wind, birds and so on – are all suddenly removed. Everything is suddenly very quiet. The time of day may be slightly different. Sometimes with UFO encounters a low buzzing noise is heard. And after leaving the area people often find they have been gone far longer than they thought, giving them sections of unaccounted time. What only a few minutes to them on a casual walk is only realized to have been hours when returning to friends who have become greatly worried over their absence. While Time Slips in and of themselves are a different phenomena, they are often associated with the Oz factor experiences.

The effect has often been entwined with other crypto-zoological events. People have felt the Oz Factor at times and then gone on to describe a sasquatch sighting or encounter, as have those people who believe they have seen ‘little people’ such as pixies, leprechauns and other ‘forest creatures’.

People have reported feeling as if their fears and other emotions are being suppressed. They know what they are seeing should be scaring them, yet they feel curiously detached from what they are seeing, giving the events an almost dreamlike quality in this regard all the while experiencing perfect clarity in all other ways.

So what causes this effect? It has been well documented in a large number of paranormal events. It has even been experienced with no other phenomena occurring. Clearly something is happening as people from all over the world have reported it independantly of each other. Are people experiencing an unknown psychological malady or are they being a brief perception of a world we know so little about?

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