Who was George Adamski ?

George Adamski was an American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, after he claimed to have photographed spaceships apparently met with the Aliens often known as ‘Nordics’ (tall, blond hair human looking aliens)  and later claimed to have travelled to the moon.

In the 1950’s UFO sightings and reports were associated with contact with aliens, leading this time period being called the ‘contactee period’ and Adamski was the most famous among those that came forward.

He wrote a number of books on his experiences but a large part of his fame came from his famous photographs of UFO’s. One of his photos became so famous it even made it on to a stamp!


One of Adamski’s infamous photos. Real or hoax?

There are those that believe Adamski faked all his stories and photos in a quest for fame and financial gain. It is odd that he claimed that the aliens he met claimed to have come from other planets in our solar system given that we knew to some degree even back then that  those other planets were incapable of supporting human life.

Like many other encounters of the time, the aliens Adamski met spoke of their concern for our future and that our use of nuclear weapons wold pollute the solar system. They seemed to have a benevolent but concerned attitude towards our existence. One of the aliens Adamski met, apparently naked ‘Orthon’ refused to have his photo taken by Adamski, but accepted a photographic plate. The plate was apparently returned to Adamski, but what has become of it is unknown.

Despite having many critics Adamski does have his supporters. There are a number of people who have come forward over the years and stated that they were with Adamski at times and that they have seen UFO’s. Indeed it is almost as if they are attracted to him.

With George Adamski coming forward over the next few years others came forward claiming similar experiences. With some of the claims being clearly made up it took away a great deal of credibility from those testimonies of people who  appear to have had some sort of genuine unexplained experience.

While there are people today who still believe Adamski’s reports and that we really did met aliens (from somewhere!) his name has become synonymous with the fraudulent reports so often associated with the UFO phenomena.

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